Netvault Backup

Netvault Backup

NetVault Backup safeguards your data and applications in both physical and virtual environments, all from one easy-to-use console. By simplifying backup and recovery across your IT environment, the solution helps ensure the availability of critical applications and databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, MySQL and DB2. And its flexible storage options, including powerful deduplication capabilities, allow you to leverage existing IT assets and reduce storage costs.

About NetVault Backup

NetVault Backup enables administrators to safeguard their organization’s data and applications in both physical and virtual environments—all from one intuitive console. This scalable solution can protect even large organization with a massive number of servers and petabytes of data. Moreover, its heterogeneous support protects a wide range of operating systems, applications, databases, processor architectures and networked storage devices, making it easy for administrators to tailor NetVault Backup to match their organization’s growing and evolving environment.

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